Belwind - Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

When it comes to offshore foundations, dynamic behaviour, scouring, corrosion, reduction in grout and foundation integrity over time, can be problematic. OWI-lab has a mutual R&D partnership with Belwind to perform 'foundation asset monitoring', also named SHM (Structural Health Monitoring) in civil engineering . The Belwind wind farm is located in the North Sea on the Bligh Bank, 46 km off the Belgian coast and consists of 55 Vestas V90-3MW wind turbines placed on monopile foundations. OWI-Lab has been monitoring one of these turbines since 2011 and theirefore has access to unique datasets and knowledge about structural monitoring.


The installed foundation monitoring system evaluates several parameters.

• Loads and displacements in the grouted connection

• Vibrations levels on tower and foundation in multiple directions

• Resonance frequencies and damping values of the offshore structure by the
   use of OMA-techniques

• Oxygen levels and corrosion rates inside the monopile foundation
   (in partnership with Zensor)

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