Innovation projects

OWI-Lab initiates and supports new innovation projects, realizations from idea to product, in the field of offshore wind energy. Innovative idea's in the whole sector value chain are supported, starting from development and engineering of offshore wind farms and ending at operations and maintenance we can bring added value in setting up new projects, finding the right partners, look for funding and focus on specific technology. 

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Innovation Projects in a nutshell

• For all your technological innovations
• Support throughout the entire development programme
• Our innovation architects know the industrial world through and through and become your confidant during the process
• You retain all intellectual property rights (IP)

For what kind of ideas?

• Breakthrough technologies and new concepts
• Product renewal and optimizations
• Innovative production and installing techniques
• Optimization O&M
• …

How do we cooperate?

Beforehand — and in close consultation — we work out an approach plan. During the project we offer support throughout the entire development trajectory: brainstorm, concept development, engineering, prototype and pre-series, production techniques, etc. At the end of the project we introduce you to industrial partners for the further elaboration, implementation, and production of the innovation. The intellectual property (IP) remains completely within your company.

Why OWI-Lab as a partner to cooperate?

OWI-Lab is embedded in Sirris, the collective centre of the Belgian technological industry. We have more than 150 engineers working in different field of technology: mechatronics, advanced manufacturing, materials engineering, technology coaching, virtual engineering and software engineering. Sirris can assist in finding the right industrial and academic or knowledge partners and selecting the right funding or risk reducing scheme. More information can be found on the Sirris website.

This asset, together with state-of-the-art testing and monitoring infrastructure and close partnerships with industrial and academic players are powerfull added values to setup and support innovation projects.

Case stories:

HighWind - A new installation technique for setting up offshore wind turbines
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