Innovative Foundation Monitoring Solutions for Windfarm-Wide Lifetime Assessment

OWI-Lab report goes into detail on what specific monitoring techniques of existing wind farm substructures are necessary to gain insights into fatigue life topics for design optimisation of future wind farms. Prior to the 3rd International Conference on Substructures for UK Offshore Wind, OWI-Lab shares some additional insights on the topic which has been part of a Belgian research program in offshore wind energy.

Dr. Christof Devriendt will speak in detail about this topic the 22th of February in London at this upcoming IQPC conference together with leading companies & knowledge centers active in the offshore windpower industry. The expert presentation will focus on:

  • - What is a foundation monitoring system and how to implement it in your project?
  • - R&D advances on hybrid monitoring and wind farm wide foundation lifetime assessment
  • - Results and insights of the long-term R&D measurement campaigns set-up within OWI-Lab

The study can be found here and contains insights in:

  • - Resonance frequency and damping tracking
  • - Load monitoring
  • - Vibration monitoring
  • - Lifetime assessment
  • - Virtual sensing
  • - Farm-wide extrapolation



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