BruWind 2012 conference: "Estimating Damping of an Offshore Wind Turbine on a monopile Foundation"

BruWind 2012 conference: "Continuous Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) of an Offshore Wind Turbine"

EWEA 2012 conference: "Damping Estimation of an Offshore Wind Turbine on a Monopile Foundation"

EWEA 2013 conference: "The use of a large climate chamber for extreme temperature testing & turbine component validation"

EWEA Offshore 2013 conference: "Foundation monitoring systems for optimized O&M and lifetime assessment"

EWEA 2014  conference: "Extreme cold start-up validation of a wind turbine gearbox by the use of a large climatic test chamber"

EWEA 2014 conference: "Cold start of a 5.5MVA offshore transformer"

EWEA 2014 conference: "An experimental and computational investigation of the dynamics of an offshore turbine in parked conditions"

EWEA 2014 conference: "Foundation monitoring systems: analysis of 2 years of monitoring at the North Sea"

Monitoring of offshore turbines for design and O&M: an overview of the monitoring activities at OWI-Lab

SBO-OptiWind Open Project Meeting 2014: "Offshore foundation health monitoring using resonance frequencies"

SBO-OptiWind Open Project Meeting 2014: "Performance monitoring by tracking estimated power curves on a wind farm level"

SBO-OptiWind Open Project Meeting 2014: "Design verification of offshore wind turbines for foundation optimization and scour monitoring"

SBO-OptiWind Open Project Meeting 2014: "Damping of an offshore wind turbine: classification and comparison between simulations and measurements"

EWEA Offshore 2015: "Monitoring the structural health of a monopile foundation: keeping an eye on the resonance frequencies"

EWEA Offshore 2015: "Life time assessment of offshore foundations using a virtual sensor approach"

EWEA Offshore 2015: "Design verification of offshore wind turbines on monopile foundations"

EWEA Offshore 2015: "The overall damping of an offshore wind turbine during different operating conditions"

EWEA Offshore 2015: "Integrated turbine condition and health monitoring"

EAWE 2015 Phd Seminar (Poster Award Winner): Reliable empirical analysis of effects of turbulent air in an operating wind farm based on unreliable SCADA-data

EWEA 2015: "Big data intelligence platform for wind turbines to support RD&I projects"