Shared R&D

OWI-Lab initiates and supports Shared R&D projects, Technological developments with industrial and academic partners in the field of offshore wind energy. Industrial challenges, or long term research that can't be tackeled alone are translated into 'joint research projects'.  We bring added value in setting up new projects, finding the right partners, and look for funding and act as a platform to initiate local and European research projects together with industry and universities (SBO, O&O, FP7,…)

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Shared R&D in a nutshell

• Collective development of technologies at a precompetitive stage
• Sirris brings together a consortium of complementary partners
• Costs and risks are shared between the partners
• IP stays within the consortium

For what kind of challenges?

• New technologies at a precompetitive stage
• Larger research projects that require considerable investments
• Projects that require the expertise of various companies and knowledge centres
• Applications that encompass multiple sectors and areas of expertise

How do we cooperate?

The initiative can either come from OWI-Lab or from the industry. As an objective knowledge partner, we bring together the various parties: companies, (SMEs and large companies alike), universities, knowledge centres, our own OWI-Lab or Sirris experts, etc. We establish clear agreement on investments, the method of cooperation, ownership of intellectual property, etc., at the very outset.

Why OWI-Lab as a partner to cooperate?

OWI-Lab is embedded in Sirris, the collective centre of the Belgian technological industry. We have more than 150 engineers working in different field of technology: mechatronics, advanced manufacturing, materials engineering, technology coaching, virtual engineering and software engineering. Sirris can assist in finding the right industrial and academic or knowledge partners and selecting the right funding or risk reducing scheme. More information can be found on the Sirris website.

This asset, together with state-of-the-art testing and monitoring infrastructure and close partnerships with industrial and academic players are powerfull added values to setup and support innovation projects.

Case stories:

Shared R&D Project OptiWind: Serviceability Optimisation of the next generation Offshore Wind Turbines.

Shared R&D Project Flanders Wind Farm: Feasibility study for developing an offshore test site in Belgium.