ZF Wind Power

ZF Wind Power, a leading supplier of multi-megawatt wind turbine gearboxes worldwide which manufacturers more than 2000 wind turbine gearboxes a year, is frequently using OWI-Lab's large climatic test chamber to test and validate their products under extreme climatic conditions.
In partnership we conduct cold start-up test procedures at extreme cold temperatures to ensure that cold climate compliance is achieved. Also break-away torques and drag torques are measured during these test campaigns at OWI-Lab. Apart from low temperature testing, also hot climate testing is sometimes in scope.

The large test space in the climatic test chamber in combination with OWI-Lab’s dedicated test bench for no-load start-up testing makes it possible to successfully carry out validation tests for cold climate. The sometimes very large and heavy test specimens are handled by means of machinery and skilled harbor personnel from the Port of Antwerp.

Climatic test chamber specifications are:

-60°C to +60°C

10.5m x 7m x 8m test space

7m x 8m gate entrance

45 tons/m² payload (150 ton)

Mobile no-load test bench:

5m x 4.5m test space

Inclinable drive unit (angle nacelle)

10 kNm break- away torque possible

Max. 150 tons components

Torque sensor included

Between 2013 and 2014 OWI-Lab carried out multiple cold climate tests on gearboxes. A special and unique test campaign was performed in 2014 by putting a 6.15MW - 80 ton wind turbine gearbox to the test at -30°C. Due to it's dimensions, weight, power class and low temperature test specification this was a unique case.

Link to news article: OWI-Lab invests in -40°C cold start-up test bench for wind turbine drivetrain components

Link to poster presentation EWEA 2014 conference: Extreme cold start-up validation of a wind turbine gearbox by the use of a large climatic test chamber