The harsh offshore environments in which offshore energy devices are operating result in accelerated corrosion and material degradation. Steel is still the most frequently used construction material, but also polymer composites are increasingly being used and are subject to degradation. OWI-Lab provides support in managing your assets by setting up test campaigns and using the data to improve your products, processes and services.

The degradation of materials and coatings is critical, especially for offshore structures, due to the high cost and technical difficulties related to offshore O&M operations. Hence the requirement for maintenance-free systems. Especially the combination of material degradation with fatigue loading makes the remaining life assessment of these offshore structures challenging. Gaining insight in and mitigating material degradation and corrosion constitute an important contribution to solving this challenge. Through OWI-Lab, you can get support in the evaluation and selection of protection systems. OWI-Lab can also support you in determining the level of aggressiveness of the environment in which you are operating and in investigating the specific degradation mechanisms you are confronted with.

A number of relevant, standardized laboratory tests can be performed to evaluate corrosion resistance and compare various corrosion protection systems.

  • Cyclic corrosion test (ISO 129449)
  • Seawater immersion test (ISO 28122)
  • Pitting ASTM G48 and crevice corrosion (ASTM G78)
  • Stress corrosion cracking (various standards)

Laboratory tests are generally performed on standardized test coupons. However, real structures behave differently due to the presence of joints, corners, welds, etc. Tests specifically to your or your customers' requirements can also be performed. It is then crucial to set up the test protocols in such a way that the results are accepted as relevant by all parties involved. This may include comparison to standardized tests, field exposure specimens or historic data. Examples are tests on bolts and coated bolted flanges, hinges or entire light set-ups including electronics.

In addition to laboratory tests, field test can also be set up. Requirements and possibilities can be matched on a case-to-case basis.

All corrosion tests are followed by corrosion assessment according to the relevant standards (ISO 4628, ISO 4624). Of equal importance is interpretation of the results and working with you or your customer, to make sure the collected data is valorized in product improvements, product certification, market entry, ...

OWI-Lab also has access to a strong international network of test infrastructure, research institutes and industrial partners working in the field of corrosion and material degradation.

We can support you with a detailed analysis of data collected from inspection or monitoring campaigns. Collecting the data is only a first step; interpretation requires insight into the effects various environmental parameters and other boundary conditions can have on your data. Such effects need to be filtered out in order to asses the true condition of your assets.