OWI-Lab helps companies with setting up and executing short term (offshore) measurement, and long term R&D monitoring campaigns (at sea) to gain insights and understanding in structural behaviour of large structures and the dynamics of wind turbine components such as drivetrains or transformers. From measurement plan, sensor and data-acquisition selection towards using advanced vibration data processing, data-analytics and data-mining we support R&D projects and companies to get the needed insights and understanding. Our test & measurement engineers have the needed training and certificates to install a broad range of sensors in challenging (offshore) environments (also in confined spaces). Our data-engineers together with application experts are capable of translating data towards useful results and interpretations. We can be an A to Z partner to support your in-field validation campaign, root cause analysis project or R&D project. 

Our advanced data mining techniques developed over the past 10 years in general help to discover new knowledge about a system or process. The data can consist of continuous data, such as time series of sensor measurements with or without temporal reference as well as discrete data such as event messages. Examples of data mining methods are clustering (unsupervised), classification (supervised), regression (supervised) using – amongst other - a decision tree, neural network, or support vector machine models. Whereas clustering groups objects in such a way that objects in the same group/cluster are more similar to each other than to those in other clusters, classification identifies to which category a new observation belongs. Regression on the other hand estimates or predicts a continuous response.

Data mining can for example be used for fault detection, fault localization, life time estimation of components, anomaly detection or decision support. OWI-Lab can help with all key steps in executing (offshore) measurement campaign on large scale structures (foundations, towers, blades) and rotating or electrical equipment such as the wind turbine drivetrain or transformer.

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