A first service is prvided by the independent test facility with large climate chamber, which is operational since late 2012. The focus of this test facility is (extreme) temperature testing of large and heavy wind turbine components in cold and hot settings ranging from -60 °C to +60 °C. More information about this high-tech infrastructure and its turn-key test services can be found under Large climate chamber testing.  

Next to the testfacility, OWI-lab offers monitoring hardware and software for offshore wind turbine field measurements. This monitoring infrastructure is already available and is being used by Belwind and Northwind, for example, to feed R&D and gain insights in O&M. More information about this servics can be found under Wind turbine monitoring

These offshore monitoring services are divided into Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) and Drivetrain Monitoring (CMS) and are carried out in close collaboration with the University of Brussels.

Next to the high-tech test and monitoring infrastructure and its corresponding services, OWI-Lab can also contribute to innovation projects and shared R&D projects in the field of offshore wind energy.