Tackling the Corrosion Challenge for Offshore Renewable Energy devices

To reinforce the European transformation towards a low carbon economy, an accelerated deployment of Offshore Renewable Energy - ORE (Wind, Tidal, Wave) - is required, by reducing the "Levelized Cost of Energy" (LCoE). ORE devices operate in very harsh environments. Exposure to seawater, containing high concentrations of chlorides results in severe corrosion. Such corrosion is further aggravated by the degradation of protective coatings under the influence of abrasion (salt particles, floating ice), mechanical damage (floating objects, maintenance works) and exposure to UV radiation. As such, a significant part of the LCoE stems from high installation and O&M costs related to corrosion prevention in maritime environments.

NeSSIE (www.nessieproject.com) is a European project, aimed at reducing the cost of offshore renewable energy by launching three demonstration projects on which anti-corrosion solutions with a potential to reduce the levelized cost of energy can be demonstrated. To establish the demonstration projects, NeSSIE works together with three project developers (SSE, EMEC and Atlantis) based in Scotland, a world renowned hotspot for the development of offshore renewable energy technologies. Together, they cover offshore wind, wave and tidal energy generation.

As part of the NeSSIE project, Sirris has mapped out the existing anti-corrosion value chain, including coating systems and application techniques, prevention of fouling, repair solutions, inspection and monitoring techniques, cathodic protection and design optimization. On the other side of the spectrum, the needs of project developers have been identified. To create added value, companies searching for solutions and companies offering solutions are matched to set up collaboration projects. In keeping track of the international database being build by the NeSSIE project, Sirris keeps an eye out for potential solutions to local needs. Vice versa, through the network provided by NeSSIE, Sirris actively pursues opportunities for Belgian solution providers.

Through its involvement in the NeSSIE project, Sirris developed technological expertise on corrosion protection in harsh environments, along with an extensive network including corrosion solution providers. This expertise and network are offered in service of the Belgian industry.

We can support companies that are being confronted with corrosion issues by providing technological advice and engineering consulting. R&D programs can be set up to tackle problems of a larger magnitude.