Large scale component testing

We offer industrial services in component design, material characterization, testing and consultancy. We focus on the evaluation of structural integrity of metal structures and their joints. To this end, we have designed and constructed a broad range of experimental set-ups, ranging from the kN to MN force range, and including advanced instrumentation. The majority of the performed experimental techniques can be supported by means of in house developed numerical simulations.


We are able to test the tribological response (friction, friction stability, wear and wear rate) of advanced materials in dry or marginally lubricated conditions. From the computational tribology perspective, we offer the numerical analysis via multi-scale and multi-physics models including the simulation of fluid- and particle-related tribological issues. Both lubrication modelling (e.g. elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication, smart fluids) and erosion-abrasion modelling (e.g. cavitation, droplet and solid-particle erosion) is performed. To support these activities we have access to a High-Performance Computing infrastructure and have ample experience with multiple simulation techniques including Computational Fluid Dynamics, particle-based methods such as Discrete-Element Methods and Molecular Dynamics, and Numerical Optimization tools.

Further, we also  perform experimental and computational R&D on a variety of elastic-plastic fracture phenomena of metals and welded structures and components. Key competences in the field of fatigue focus on the assessment of lifetime of large components and structures for offshore applications. 
We have a broad range of infrastructure available, but also aim at designing and building new test rigs that meet the requirements for your project. 

List of available equipment: 

  • Mechanical testing of large structures (up to 8 load points, 4000 kN static loads, 1500 kN fatigue)
  • Large scale mechanical testing of bearings (plain – 6500 kN, radial – 1500 kN, axial – 1000 kN)
  • Large scale coupon fatigue testing (monoaxial, 2500 kN)
  • Large scale component mechanical loading (monoaxial, 8000 kN)
  • Large scale component fatigue testing (multiaxial, 1000 kN)
  • Shackle chain wear test rig (10 kN, max. shackle size D26P92, various liquid and abrasive mediums)