Emerging Offshore Technologies : Wave-Tidal and Floating wind power

This knowledge- and inspiration sharing and networking session organized by the IBN Offshore Energy cluster in partnership with the Agoria Energy Technology Club and the Belgian Offshore Cluster (BOC) will focus on three emerging offshore energy technologies: Wave energy - Tidal Energy - and Floating Wind Energy. Local and international invited speakers will share latest technology and market insights. 

The first part of the seminar will focus on the latest wave & tidal energy developments and it’s specific challenges to date for the developers and technology providers. Also some new national RD&I initiatives will be explained to support this emerging sector. 

The second part of the seminar will focus on floating wind energy developments. As offshore wind energy is gaining interest worldwide, certain countries can only look at floating wind turbines due to their large seat depth. Currently different floating prototypes are tested or prepared for testing – not only the traditional 3-bladed turbine designs – also 2-bladed and even vertical axis wind turbine designs are put to the test. The session will explain the current technology developments, initiatives and market developments.

Part 1: Wave & Tidal Energy (09h – 13h)

  • IBN Offshore Energy cluster  - Pieter Mathys – (Innovation Manager – UGent/IBN Offshore Energy)
    • Intro & setting
    • Turbulent waters in marine energy: market update, certification evolutions and status Coastal Ocean Basin Ostend
  • NEMOS - Ostend Research Station - Jan Peckholt (CEO)
  • Laminaria - Laminaria technology and development plans at EMEC  – Steven Nauwelaerts (CEO)
  • DEME Blue Energy –  TBC
  • IBN-OE member pitches:
    • IMDC: Se@ports project (Zafar Samadov – Senior Engineer)
    • Engie Laborelec: European technology perspective: European Ocean Energy Roadmap (Fiona Buckley, chair Technology Ocean Energy Forum, ETIP Ocean, Engie Laborelec)
  • Networking lunch: a B2B Networking lunch, powered by MET-CERTIFIED project (Interreg 2SEAS)

Part 2: Floating Wind Power (13h – 18h) 

  • IBN Offshore Energy cluster - Intro presentation - Pieter Jan Jordaens – (Cluster Manager)
  • Innosea - Modelling and analysis challenges of floating wind turbines - Bruno Borgarino (CTO)
  • Engie Laborelec – Update WindFloat Atlantic project + Technology challenges in floating wind technology - Koenraad De Bauw (Chief Technologist)
  • SeaTwirl - Gabriel Strängberg (CEO)
  • Smulders - Eric Finé - Serial Production of Floating Wind Foundations (Business Development Manager)
  • Networking drink

Participation fee:

  • Free for all IBN Offshore Energy member companies, for Agoria Energy Technology members (2 entry tickets per member company), for Belgian Offshore Cluster (BOC) members (2 entry tickets per member company)
  • Non-members or 3rd persons: 200€   

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Questions? Contact: pieterjan.jordaens@owi-lab.be

Organized by IBN Offshore Energy - www.offshoreenergycluster.be

In partnership with Sirris - UGent - VUB - Agoria Energy Technology Club - Belgian Offshore Cluster (BOC) 
Supported by VLAIO . More info about the VLAIO supported IBN's can be found here.