Since 2010 different test - and measurement infrastructure, and corresponding supporting expertise are offered by OWI-Lab and its partners Sirris, VUB and UGent. As we are an expertise consortium one of our goals is to support the (offshore) wind energy value chain with unique test and demonstration possibilities. Within OWI-Lab some unique testing facilities and capabilities are offered in the field of mechanical/structural and climatic testing. Typically those testing activities are performed on (scaled) prototypes, but also certain of the in-field tests at real scale tend can be useful during the product development cycle of a new products or project (in general a wind farm), in design optimization trajectories or in root-cause-analysis tasks.

This webinar will deep dive into the different testing services offered by the OWI-Lab partners, and give the latest insights into how the associated testing infrastructures can help your company in reducing the risks and costs associated to (offshore) wind energy.

When: 27th April, from 12.00 - 13.00 

Price, free but registration is required. The registration link can be found here. 

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  • Large scale structural testing in laboratory conditions - Kristof De Wispelaere, UGent
  • Wave tank testing capabilities for the offshore wind sector - Peter Troch, UGent
  • Harsh environment validation testing in large climate chamber - Pieter Jan Jordaens, Sirris
  • In-field testing of large structures - Christof Devriendt, VUB

Our four presenters will focus on the value of:

  • large scale structural testing of components (in laboratory conditions as well as in a real-life product environment)
  • environmental /climatic testing of wind turbine components at system level
  • scale-model testing of offshore constructions such as floating wind turbines by the use of a newly constructed large wave tank facility

The full agenda of the webinar can be found here: webinar overview

For whom?
The target audience for this webinar are R&D managers, CTO’s, test & validation managers and engineers in the international wind energy value chain.