Offshore Design Verification Testing

The scope in this project is dealing with 'monitoring and asset management of offshore foundations' for the company Parkwind which is a leading Belgian firm in the field of developing, building an running offshore wind farms (references are Belwind, Northwind, Belwind 2,...).

When it comes to offshore foundations, dynamic behaviour, scouring, corrosion, reduction in grout and foundation integrity over time, can be problematic. Therefore, OWI-lab installed foundation-monitoring systems at several turbines V112 wind turbines to mitigate the risk of such events.

The motivation of this offshore measurement campaign is gaining praktical insights that are necessary to minimize the installation and O&M costs of future planned wind turbines at the Belwind 2 concession. Also DVT (design verification tests) have been performed on every wind turbine to ensure the installation is in line with the specifications.

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