Climatic testing of radar systems

Robin Radar Systems BV, a leading supplier of bird detection systems for bird impact prevention, ecological research and environmental impact assessments, tested a trailer based bird-radar system in OWI-Lab’s large climatic test chamber. Project developers for on and offshore wind farms are obliged to perform such EIA’s (Environmental Impact Assessments) before construction on a wind farm can kick off.

However, deploying these systems in remote environments where climate conditions are harsh (offshore, cold and hot climate, tropic locations,…) creating many challenges for the radar systems used in the EIA’s. They need to be robust, reliable and suitable for different environmental conditions. For this reason Robin Radar Systems bird radar solution was put to the test in OWI-Lab's the large climatic torture chamber. The behaviour and performance of the system in the field of hot (+55°C) and cold temperatures (-20°C) was validated. Also a humidity test in hot temperature conditions (+35°C/95%RH) has been performed and the system fully past the tests.